9th September 2013

Quite a lot has happened. But the most important thing that happened was this:

23rd August 2013

Only one day to go till we are to take part in this: 

Literary Death Match Edinburgh

Luckily the train to Edinburgh takes a long time, and it is traditional to get very drunk while travelling...

22nd August 2013

Soon I will work out how to make a proper blog. I think the universe believes that as yet, not enough emails have been sent back and forwards between me and the 1and1 'helpdesk'.

In the meantime I will continue to write on this ever-lengthening single-page...

Today we signed the insert pages for the special edition of Briony Hatch, each comes with its own individual 'Starling Black Rune' with meaning. We also saw a dummy book, which was very exciting, and as far as we can see the pages are in the right order, which is key. 

5th August 2013

A productive meeting with Bobby at Lutyens today, going over the 2nd proof print out of the GN. It's going to be much bigger than we thought. Like the opposite of a famous person in real life. Here is a picture of us being pleased with ourselves for getting to this point - 

13th June 2013

Here's a preview of one of Briony's diary entries...

11th June 2013

A letter from Bobby arrived today, with a paper-sample. He said lots of things can go wrong when printing. He didn't need to tell us this, since the last time we got a comic printed by a company we ended up recycling 1000 copies of pale grey comic, printing 30 copies instead on a home printer, and calling it a 'limited edition'. Hopefully with Bobby at the helm, things will go better this time round. 

1st June 2013

Flyers for Midsummer are ready, opening night is now Thursday June 20th.  

26th May 2013

Golden Hill pilot draft five has been handed in.  

13th May 2013

A meeting today with a slightly manic Bobby, our publisher for Briony Hatch.  Had to extract the guitar from Bobby's hands at one point, but despite his overexcited state things seem to be proceeding according to schedule. Looking at paper options, discussing launch party venues, ordering printed proofs. After Bobby left, we ate Oriental Costcutter Sushi and drank Starbucks, fantasised a bit about the Golden Hill pilot getting made, and then Ginny got a train home. 

3rd April 2013

Filmed a promo video for Briony Hatch. Watson was the most natural in front of the camera. You can see the final version here

24th March

Made the most of Ginny being up in London today, a double bill of Golden Hill meeting at Channel 4 followed by a tour of possible Briony Hatch launch party venues. Went to the amazing Treadwell's Occult Bookshop in Bloomsbury,  as well as a couple of pubs Bobby has suggested, and a comic book shop. Obviously we love the Occult Bookshop, but it all seems to depend on what deal the various places can offer us. Golden Hill meeting was fine, another draft to hand in soon, we seem to be in the running for a pilot which could be exciting, but when it comes to TV we'll believe it when we see it. Literally. When we see it on tv (note the cosmically positive use of 'when') that's when we'll be able to stop worrying about meetings and drafts and notes.